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Intermec Multidock - docking cradle

Product Code: 871-032-001
Intermec Multidock - Docking cradle - Ethernet - 10Mb LAN
R 1,161.40 R 1,324.00 Incl VAT
In stock

Intermec Scan Handle - handheld pistol grip handle

Product Code: 203-879-001
Intermec Scan Handle - Handheld pistol grip handle - for Intermec CK3, CK3A, CK3R, CK3X
R 1,102.54 R 1,256.90 Incl VAT
In stock

Intermec Single Dock - docking cradle

Product Code: 871-033-021
Intermec Single Dock - Docking cradle - USB - for Intermec CN50, CN51
R 2,610.73 R 2,976.24 Incl VAT
In stock

Motorola Single Slot Cradle Kit - docking cradle

Product Code: CRD5500-101UES
Motorola Single Slot Cradle Kit - Docking cradle - USB - for Motorola MC5574, MC5590, MC55A0, MC55N0, MC65, MC67
R 2,160.17 R 2,462.59 Incl VAT
In stock

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